The Color Experience

The color experience provides you with an in depth and comprehensive look at your best colors.  The typical color experience takes approximately 90-120 minutes.

The Color Experience includes:

  • Color analysis to determine your color code

  • Draping & rating of 15-20 colors within your palette  
    • each palette has 35-40 colors
  • Pop color review (these are the top 3-6 colors that best suit you)
  • Metal color assessment (does silver, gold, or both make you POP)

  • Patterns assessment

  • Your best neutrals

  • Footwear and handbag suggestions

  • Wardrobe analysis- bring 3-6 items to your consultation for analysis

  • Makeup color recommendations

  • Makeup analysis- bring your makeup bag

  • Digital color swatches of your best colors

  • A pdf summary with all of your custom information (to be received within 24 hours of consultation)

*Due to the extensive nature of the color experience, children under the age of 14 should not attend the appointment with you.  Thank you for understanding.

*We will contact you via text or email to schedule your consultation once your order is complete.

This of personal color analysis provides you with an in depth look at your color code, a metal assessment, a pattern assessment, and a makeup and wardrobe sample analysis.  A typical color experience will take 90-120 minutes to complete.  During your analysis, your consultant will use color theory to determine your color code and season.  She will determine your pop colors and perform metal and pattern analyses. You will be asked to bring 4-6 items of your choosing from your closet for a wardrobe assessment. You will also be asked to bring in your makeup bag to determine what you have on hand that is within your color code (lipstick, blush, & eyeshadow).

You will leave your consultation with a digital copy of the colors for your code, a makeup color guide and a better understanding of how wearing the proper colors, patterns, & jewelry can elevate your overall look.  Our color analysis system is customized to the client and not any single cookie cutter method.  We will use your dominant color characteristics along with the draping method to determine your code.